Kurdish athletes in Rio Olympics 2016

As the Rio 2016 started in Brazil, all Kurdish eyes were up to welcoming team Kurdistan but unfortunately as we all know Kurdistan is not a country yet, so Kurdistan couldn’t participate as a team, yet that doesn’t mean there are not Kurdish athletes.Here’s the list of Kurdish athletes who are participating in the Rio Olympics 2016 representing other countries depending on where they reside.

1. Kianoush Rostami (for Iran), Weightlifting
C&J World Record
Silver in 2012 London Olympics
2. Nur Tatar (for Turkey), Taekwondo
Silver in 2012 London Olympics
3. Misha Aloyan (for Russia), Boxing
Bronze in 2012 London Olympics
4. Siamand Rahman (for Iran) Powerlifting
Bench press IPC (paralympic) World Record.
Gold in 2012 London Paralympics
5. Neda Shahsavari (for Iran), Table Tennis
6. Mohammad Jafar Moradi (for Iran), Marathon
7. Pouria Norouzian (for Iran), Shooting
8. Ali Hashemi (for Iran), Weightlifting
9. Arvin Moazzami Goudarzi (for Iran), Cycling
10. Hamzeh Zarini (for Iran), Volleyball
11. Ehsan Rouzbahani (for Iran), Boxing
12. Sherko Karim (for Iraq), Football
13. Kovan Abdulraheem (for Iraq), Javelin Throwing
Whether you’re a Kurd or belong to any of the countries they formally represent, let’s just all wish them best of luck.Credit: Kurdistan page on Reddit.