Quantitative Research / Module 2

Here are some possible questions that will help me collect some data for future insights.

1. What is your nationality? 
2. Do you hold a passport that’s different than your nationality?
3. How many languages do you speak? 
4. Is your cultural identity the same or different to that of your ancestors?
5. If you had a choice, would you change your ancestry?
6. Do you feel stronger ties to your nationality or your heritage?
7. Are you interested in other cultures?
8. How can an ethnic group deliver their message across the world?
9. What makes a cultural group deserve an independent state or country?
10. How does the economic influence politics?
11. Do you care about the Middle East?
12. Can you name any ethnic groups that are located in a country geographically, yet they are identified by another culture? 
13. Where did you hear about these cultures?
14. Do you think that the UN is doing anything about the problem of ethnic groups not having a strong voice in global politics? 
15. Can you name a country that has redrawn their maps?

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