The Summary of my MFA Midpoint Proposal


In different nations around the world, there are cultural identities that do not match their political 

boundaries. This causes tension among these cultural groups and their political leaders.


There are many groups that are seeking independence, but the political powers of their surrounding states prevent them. Many Californians are now talking about splitting the State into 6 states. Tim Draper came up with this idea, he believes that governors aren’t close to their people now. 

In fact, the Jefferson County in northern California has been seeking to create a new state since 2010. This is happening in the world like in Europe the Basques are an ethnic group located in North Spain and South France. They have their own language, culture and history and they want their independence. 

When people drew maps they did not examine cultural values as much as their own political and economic interests in Texas & Vermont States have been seeking their independent country for many years to be separate from the U.S. And in the Middle East, there are over 40m Kurds I’m one of them we been divided among Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran because the maps were drawn by Britain and Turkey, and there has been a lot of conflict in the region ever since.


My target audience is people between the ages of 24 and 50 who are interested in international 

politics and cultural identity. There appear to be many Americans that fit into this category. 


My goal is to lend a voice to cultural and ethnic groups that are seeking independence and to help Americans and other nationalities understand them and their need for international recognition.


As a graphic designer, I want to help solve this problem in four stages: 

Firstly, to create a website that posts accurate and reliable news about these nations. 

Secondly, through hosting cultural events, inviting Americans to draw better understand those 

cultures, through their customs, music and cuisine.

Thirdly, through the creation of an App that assembles daily posts across different cultural fields, encouraging the younger generation to interact and to facilitate voting. 

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