The U.S. Kurdish Relations

John Kerry and Masoud Barzani the President of Kurdish Region.

The United States consideration of the Kurdish case dates back to the World War I, when the President Woodrow Wilson and the Allied Nations supported the idea Kurdish independent state after the fall of the Ottoman Empire. The idea was strong back then, but it didn’t last, however, from that the U.S. and Kurdish relations have started.

In the 20th century, the United States has been supportive in away and ignored the Kurds in other ways. The U.S. supported the Kurds during Iraq’s Ba’ath party back in the 1970’s, then in 1980’s the relations with between America and the Kurds broke off, which eventually led to Saddam Hussein’s savage funnel of the Kurds during Anfal campaign, which Saddam used chemical weapons and killed over 5,000 Kurds within 5 days in Halabja town near Iran-Iraq borders of Kurdish region.

Credit: The Kurdish Project.

Source: The Washington Post’s article, The long, winding history of American dealings with Iraq’s Kurds.